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"Taking back the Power and    Permission "

What if you lived by these words:
There will never be a time when anyone says or does anything to me, that will ever change how I feel about
myself EVER.

What does this actually mean? How can we implement this?
It all goes back to a simple premise…are we in charge of our thoughts and perceptions or do we allow others to be in charge of how we feel about ourselves? 

Why can some people shrug off negative comments while others are affected in a very deep way?
If someone you don’t know, walks up to you and announces, “You’re a real jerk and I hate you”. At that
point, most of us are not affected in the least and will probably very calmly ask, “what are you talking about”, or
just walk away.

Now imagine someone you know very well says the exact same thing to you in the same intonation. Why are we so deeply affected by this? And what if they are off base or this was a misunderstanding?
What many of us don’t realize is that we do have the ability to use a filter. To be able to use that filter
to either let something in, or wait for it, to push it away and not respond or be affected by what people do and say.


Think of words just floating in the air, before you, and you have the choice to either accept or reject those words. How powerful does that feel?

Let’s take this a step further. Who is the only one that has complete power over us?  Who can make
decisions for us? Who decides if we look left or right? We are the only ones that have that power!!! So
why do so many of us let our kids, family, spouses, coworkers, and construction workers, get to us?
Why do we give them that power and permission? What if they are having a horrible day? Why would we let them have power over how we feel or ever worse, how we feel about ourselves?

This is not to say that if and only if, we decide to accept someone’s advice or constructive criticism, that
we can’t do that. Of course, we can, but the trick is we decide, not someone else.


Take back the Power and Permission!


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