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I'm so grateful for those who have trusted me to coach them toward their highest potential.
Here are their words.

Lisa: Small Business Owner

Larry Stern to me has been eye opening. 


I knew my life seemed chaotic, intense and scary at times. What didn't register is that you do not have to accept the negative and that you can accept all as positive. 


Originally I did not want to see Larry. I went into this relationship with an open mind and with the attitude of what comes of this can only be a bonus. After a month or so I started to realize that I am the one who is in charge, and I know everyone can preach this attitude of "take control of your life", ect... but I really started to realize that I can make any negative situation a positive experience. The ultimate bonus of this is my two boys. I recently had a friend notice the dramatic difference in my oldest. How calm, happy and self assured he seemed to be? What is going on, why the noticeable change? Not quite sure myself, I told this to Larry who in return enlightened me that I am the change. The positive, in control parent will rub off onto the child. This is the biggest gift I can give to my boys. 


Larry gives step by step instruction on how to deal with all the junk that will come your way and the insight on how to deal with them. I used to react to most situations with sheer emotion and now I consciously take a moment to determine what the best choice will be... ... 


Chaotic now has turned into control Intense now has turned into calmness Scary is not even an option 


I will always be thankful for the gifts of knowledge from Larry and know he will bring happiness to all who will give themselves a chance. 

Max:  Attorney

The purpose of this communication is to confirm that based on my experience, Larry Stern is an extremely effective "coach" on such issues as empowerment, self-esteem and confidence.  When I started working with Larry a couple of months ago, I was probably at an all time low in terms of self-esteem.  It had gotten to the point where I had lost virtually any sense of enjoyment or satisfaction -- either professionally or from my personal life. Larry made me realize that no person or event should ever be able to affect my self-esteem, either positively or negatively.  He has also gotten me back to the point where I am much better at appreciating everything I have, instead of letting the challenges of life detract from or interfere with that enjoyment and appreciation. 

In addition, he has taught me how to combat that spiral of negative thoughts and "what ifs" that I have a tendency to dwell on when challenges arise, and which only serve to rob me of creativity, resourcefulness and energy at critical times. He has helped me to identify those negative mindsets and to learn to snap myself out of them, much sooner than ever before.  With his help I was able to create and achieve significant personal and professional goals relatively quickly, which I had not been able to do for years.


In short, in a relatively short time he has trained me to react to unexpected situations in an empowered, confident and productive way instead of the world  of "doom and gloom" that I had  been wallowing in for quite some time.  While I realize that everyone is different and has different issues, I would not hesitate to recommend him to others who could use similar coaching. Life is simply too short not to, if a person is wasting their time and not getting the most out of their lives.


Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.  This endorsement is based on my own personal experience and is not intended to guarantee that everyone who works with Larry will experience the same results. But I feel that it would certainly be worth a try.

Stuart: Small Business Owner

Larry Stern's coaching was instrumental in helping me to identify and refocus my attention on what is important in life.  Business events and personal stress can cause diversions from what happiness life brings.  It also doesn't let us make the best decisions possible as emotions replace facts and circumstances.  Through his coaching techniques I was able to develop certain methods to maintain focus and relaxation in order to make good sound business decisions.  I would highly recommend this process.

Paul:  Attorney

Larry's coaching was inspirational.  I had been through a terrible personal tragedy and could only see negativity and darkness.  It affected my work, and my relationships, especially my kids.  Larry showed me to take control of my life, to stop blaming others and to grab each day and not let go.  I am now a much different person, happy and confident and I truly utilize Larry's tools every morning and each moment of each day.

Eric:  Small Business Owner

Just a quick note to thank you for all the help you've given me over the past 8 weeks.
I know we've only been working on this for a short amount of time,  but I'm  confident that the teachings will be something I'll be using for the rest of life.

As you well know, being a Landscape Architect and Contractor, this typically is a very stressful time period. However, with the things that you've taught me I've found that I am dealing with stress and anxiety much better.  In addition, I've found that I'm able to handle work related situations and also items on the home front with a much improved attitude. I really feel as though my actions and reactions are directly affecting those around me.

Jeni:  Human Resource Professional

In September 2004, my employer offered me an opportunity to meet with Life Coach, Larry Stern, in an effort to enhance my leadership skills.  I was both flattered and honesty remained a little skeptical after my first session, when I attempted to put into practice some his methods.  This presented a new challenge for me, and because I was held accountable , I began to learn more about myself from a different angle, with a new perspective.

Understanding who I am, what is important to me and where I want to go is a process that continually evolves over time.  I have a much better understanding of my weaknesses and feel equipped with proven methods for success and various events that arise.  Meeting with Larry has given me a fresh perspective on both my personal and professional life, and I am working diligently towards newly established goals.

Jill:  Real Estate Professional

Larry worked with my 22 year old son. It was a very challenging time in my son’s life. Larry was professional, dependable, knowledgeable, patient, focused, committed, and creative in his approach with my son. There were times I wasn’t sure my son was listening to Larry speak. Then, during a difficult situation, I would hear Larry’s words come out of my son’s mouth. Larry had a very special approach of putting my son at ease. He knew how to relate to him, he’d help him loosen up, and become available to the input.


Larry puts his heart into  his work. I recommend Larry’s coaching and philosophy to anyone needing a fresh approach to life. His method is logical, doable, and proven.

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